Toon Tactics: A Refreshing Take on the Tower Defense Game Genre Now on iOS

Our very own AgilityIO games studio has finally launched Toon Tactics TD (aka Toon Ambush on Blackberry World) on the Apple App Store. Toon Tactics is a new take on the ‘Tower Defense’ (TD) genre with action-packed gameplay and stunning classic boss fights.

A Tower Defense like no other  A unique mix between TD and classic boss fights

Besides building static defense troops as expected in the TD genre, the game offers numerous options to aggressively attack the enemy. Players can rearrange their troops’ formation to maximize damage and equip a small number of units to defeat a powerful oncoming enemy wave. Amongst other tactics, players can pick and use special weapons at key enemy units and teleport their troops to avoid getting hit by enemy bosses. Of course, the ultimate solution — a nuclear strike — is available to whoever can possess and save it.

6 troop types with gorgeous graphics   Over 15 different enemy types

With an array of enemies, epic boss fights, missions and players needing to balance between micro and macro approaches in the game, Toon Tactics promises a refreshing TD gaming experience.

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