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Apple is keeping us pumped with excitement by releasing a series of ‘guided tour’ videos for the Apple Watch. Most of these features have already been mentioned at the March product announcement but these videos, delivered to you on your personal screen, makes the introduction feel a lot more personal. After all, isn’t that what they’re going for?

Their “Welcome to Apple Watch” video is almost 5 minutes long and gives you a sense of how this new wearable will become a natural fit to your lifestyle. Personally, I was interested in Apple’s choice words (and they are good ones) in communicating what they envision the Apple Watch to be:

“It’s our most personal device yet.”

“It works seamlessly with your iPhone, but it’s a whole new kind of experience” — I wonder how many Android users they’ll be converting with this.

“They make Apple Watch super easy to use when you’re on the move”

“Ideal for brief interactions. It lets you quickly do things you’re used to doing on your phone, but in a more convenient and less obtrusive way.”

Why am I highlighting these phrases? Because if you’re thinking of developing an app for the Apple Watch, you’ll need to frame your mindset and designs to stick with these concepts.

Currently there are three more videos available: Messages, Faces and Digital Touch.  Expect seven more to be available soon. You can watch them here. 

And now, we continue with the countdown to April 24.

If you’re thinking of designing and developing your app for the Apple Watch, talk to us today!

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