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Apple Watch Awards – a concept design by AgilityIO Apple Watch Awards – a concept design by AgilityIO...

Before the Apple Watch was on the market, our app-obsessed team at AgilityIO already had numerous heated passionate discussions on what we envisioned Apple's latest innovation would be for us. While praises and criticisms are aplenty for the Apple Watch itself as well as the apps available, everyone's optimistic that things will only get better; designers and developers now have greater access to their work and feedback from these preliminary runs are valuable for future productions. That aside,...

Take a ‘guided tour’ of the Apple Watch Take a ‘guided tour’ of the Apple Watch...

Apple is keeping us pumped with excitement by releasing a series of 'guided tour' videos for the Apple Watch. Most of these features have already been mentioned at the March product announcement but these videos, delivered to you on your personal screen, makes the introduction feel a lot more personal. After all, isn't that what they're going for? Their "Welcome to Apple Watch" video is almost 5 minutes long and gives you a sense of how this new wearable will become a natural fit to your lifestyle....

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