Before the Apple Watch was on the market, our app-obsessed team at AgilityIO already had numerous heated passionate discussions on what we envisioned Apple’s latest innovation would be for us.

While praises and criticisms are aplenty for the Apple Watch itself as well as the apps available, everyone’s optimistic that things will only get better; designers and developers now have greater access to their work and feedback from these preliminary runs are valuable for future productions.

That aside, our team has been discussing the problems faced by viewers of live award shows. One of the problems is that viewers do not have a channel enabling them to interact with the live show easily and in real time. The biggest missing element is the ability for viewers to vote, even if the actual results are determined beforehand by professional bodies.

Imagine this scenario:

It’s Sunday night and you’re at home. The Oscars are on and Tina Fey’s been making you snort. Munching on popcorn, you think the Academy’s doing a stellar job so far by awarding those you’ve deemed worthy. Even if you’ve never been a McConaughey fan, you still think, “Fine, he was actually good in that.”

Then, the biggie for the night: Best Picture. That one’s a sure win, you say to your cat.

Voila! The award goes to the OTHER film. Your world is upended. You’re standing up in rage. You’re chucking popcorn at the screen.

“That’s NOT right!” you shriek.

But they can’t hear you. No one can. Your vote doesn’t count.

Sounds familiar?

Awards for Apple Watch is our rough idea for an imaginary app that aims to solve this problem. The app connects viewers to live awards shows with real-time interactions.


The gist:

The Awards for Apple Watch is applicable to any live awards show.

You’ll get to vote for who you think deserves to win. And you’ll get to see what other viewers voted too. In real time. 

The idea is that watching a live awards show should be an engaging and highly interactive event. For the opinionated bunch, this app allows them to have a say within a community of awards enthusiasts.


Here’s how it works:

While Amy Schumer is lip synching live, you may scroll through the app and see the list of categories. Click on the categories and view the list of nominees. You can vote for your favorites before they are announced.

Mila Kunis — she has mesmerized you with her performance as a reincarnated queen of the galaxy. Here’s your chance to show your support. You click on her profile to vote.


As the results are announced live, you can view the list of actual winners vs the winners as voted by the community in real time.


You knew it — the real world votes for Mila Kunis. And if Mila Kunis had this app, she’d know it too.

Have an idea for a mobile or Apple Watch app? Or do you already have an existing app that you’d like to design for the Watch? Talk to us today and we’ll get things moving.

Image by Luis Menacho, AgilityIO’s very own design guru.

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